Songs, Scripture, Spurgeon, and Stargate

Songs:So I was pondering a song I heard in church this morning in church called, While you were sleeping by Casting Crowns,  while for the most part I am a fan of the band and most of their songs I was astonished how politically charged this song was.  While reading the lyrics it seemed to be as if the lyricist Mark Hall, … Continue reading Songs, Scripture, Spurgeon, and Stargate


Books and Burkoff

Listening to: Shadows of the Empire (Audio Book)So this past year I read a ton of books, which is astonishing to people who know me since I used to never read.  I love lists and love to discuss things I read so in lue of that I am making a list of the top books I read … Continue reading Books and Burkoff

Three things: Lost, Luther, and the Last of 2010

Lost: The TV show Lost is a great show it has a great story and is very enjoyable but there is one thing that I do not like about it.  It is the blatant miss interpretation of scripture and falsifying of doctrine.  I understand that this is a prime time show and will always treat Christianity as a wacky mystical religion, but … Continue reading Three things: Lost, Luther, and the Last of 2010