Three things: Lost, Luther, and the Last of 2010

Lost: The TV show Lost is a great show it has a great story and is very enjoyable but there is one thing that I do not like about it.  It is the blatant miss interpretation of scripture and falsifying of doctrine.  I understand that this is a prime time show and will always treat Christianity as a wacky mystical religion, but still.  It is great when they quote scripture but when they then say something completely different meaning to it, they sound like a Joel Osteen trying to make the world a happy go lucky place or they can be the opposite and be a hellfire preacher who sees the everything as God’s condemnation to all sins here on earth.

Here-in-lies the problem with wanting prime time television to deal with Christianity, if it is done right it can be a great tool to save millions.  But in contrast to that when it is depicted wrong it can send millions of people into confusion and disarray.   But enough about that Lost is off the air and the only reason I am blogging about it is because Leslie and I are watching it on Netflix.

Luther:  I have never studied much about Martian Luther’s life until a few days ago.  I mean I have used his commentaries on Galatians and Romans frequently, but never took a hard look about the life of this great man. Since I have been studying more on the historical context of the Reformation I have come to a greater appreciation for this man.  He not only defied the Pope but he was able to turn kings and princes against each other by showing them the truth behind the the lies of the then current Pope and the sale of indulgences.  This not only changed they doctrine and theology of Christianity but also political structure in Europe.

I am teaching a retreat with this being of the key issues being taught, I pray that the students will respond and understand that if we do not understand our roots we loose who we are and repeat the same mistakes as before.

Last of 2010: Today is the last day of 2010 in light of that I want to write out what the top ten things that happened in my life this past year.

Top Ten in 2010

10.Getting a BlackBerry Torch
9.Nerf War at SPEP
8.The Adventures Cam and I had at Liberty
7. Friday Night Card Club
6.Spent a Summer working with Daniel and Steph
5.Recorded Laundry Day with Daniel
4.Recorded EvanEye
3.Graduated from Liberty University
2.Got a job as a Director of Student Ministry in Saint Joseph, MO
1.Married the Love of My Life Leslie

As we move into 2011 things will change but, I hope you all have a great year!
The Grass withers and the Flowers Fade but the Word of the LORD Stands Forever.-1 Pet 2:24

Happy New Year Everyone!



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