Bible Study: Mark 1:16-28

Read Mark 1:16-281.                  Did you discover something new this time you read the chapter?2.                  Look at Mark 1:16-20.  What did Jesus do during this passage?  Why is it so important?  How did Jesus call Simon and Andrew?   What did He ask them to become?  What does “fishers of men mean”?  How did they react after, … Continue reading Bible Study: Mark 1:16-28


Bible Study: Mark 1:1-15

Read Mark 1:1-151.                  Is there anything about the chapter you did not understand?2.                  What is the point of this chapter?3.                  What does it reveal about who God is/His attributes?4.                  Is there a command which I am to obey?  If so, what?5.                  Is there an example to follow?  If so, what?6.                  Is there a promise of … Continue reading Bible Study: Mark 1:1-15