Bible Study: Mark 1:16-28

Read Mark 1:16-28

1.                  Did you discover something new this time you read the chapter?
2.                  Look at Mark 1:16-20.  What did Jesus do during this passage?  Why is it so important?  How did Jesus call Simon and Andrew?   What did He ask them to become?  What does “fishers of men mean”?  How did they react after, Jesus called?  What was the occupation of all of these men?  Do you think they had a lot of education?  If Jesus calls fishermen to be his disciples and later apostles, what does that mean for you?
3.                  What is a disciple?  What does a disciple do?  Can we learn so much to stop being a disciple?  Why or why not?
4.                  Look at Mark 1:21-22.  What did Jesus do?  Why did he do it in the synagogue? Why was Jesus able to teach with authority, while the scribes could not? Since Jesus is God and is able to speak with authority and the Bible is God’s word, what type of authority must God’s Word have in our lives?
5.                  Look at Mark 1:23-28.  What does the man with the unclean spirit immediately recognize Jesus as?  How does he treat Jesus?  Why?  Why does he call Jesus the Holy One of God?  If a demon possessed man knows who Jesus is, yet is a creature from hell, does just knowing who God and Jesus save us from hell?  Why or why not? (Look at James 2:19).  What must we do to be saved?  Why must it be more than just knowing who Jesus is?  How does this affect you? How does this affect missions?
6.                  In Mark 1:28 Jesus’s “fame spread”.  What does that mean?  Why do you think it spread?  Why do you think the gospel is so contagious?

7.                  Has your reading of Mark changed how you view Jesus? How?  Why?

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