Bible Study: Mark 1:29-45

Read Mark 1:29-45

1.                  Did you discover something new this time you read the chapter?
2.                  Look at Mark 1:29-34.  What did Jesus do?  Who did he heal in 1:29-31?  How do you think that affected Simon and Andrew?  How did their understanding of him change?  How about how much they trusted him?  How has Jesus changed your life, or has he?  Why do you think Jesus did not want the demons to speak, and why did it matter that they knew Him?
3.                  Look at Mark 1:35-39.  Why do you think Jesus went out early in the morning to pray?  Why do you think he went to an isolated and deserted place?  Why do you think the disciples were worried when they could not find Jesus?  Why did Jesus go to the people and not have the people come to him at this time?  What does this have to do with you sharing the Gospel?  Why do we need to go to people rather than expecting them to come to us when we share the Gospel with others?
4.                  Look at Mark 1:40-45.  Why did the leaper come before Jesus?  Why do you think Jesus told the leaper “say nothing to anyone”?  Why do you think Jesus kept healing people then telling them not to tell anyone throughout Mark 1?  Why does Jesus have the leaper go before the priests to show them he was clean?  Why do you think that was so important?  What happened when he blabbed?  Why did everyone start following Jesus around?  What is the difference between the crowds and the disciples?  Do you sometimes act like the crowds and not like the disciples from Mark 1?  How?  Why?  How can we get rid of this “I am only here for Jesus as long as he does things for me” attitude?  Why is it so important not to have this attitude?
5.                  What have you learned from studying this chapter?  How can you apply what you have learned to your live?

6.                  Do you have any questions for Dan about this chapter?

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