Bible Study: Mark 3:22-35

Read Mark 3:22-35

1.                  Did you discover something new this time you read the chapter?
2.                  Look at Mark 3:22-30.  In this passage Jesus is accused of being “Beelzebul” which is a name for Satan.  Why do they call Jesus this?  Why does this not make any sense to Jesus?  (eg. v. 23).  Also it makes no sense why Satan would do such a thing.  Jesus then answers the scribes in sentence long parables, which are stories or examples to illustrate his point.  His first parable is a the parable of a kingdom.  What is Jesus saying about a kingdom divided?  (eg. v.24).  What does He mean by this?  What about the second parable what does he mean about a house divided? (v. 25).    The third parable is about a intruder who tries to burgle a “strong” persons house.  This parable is about how Satan is allowed to roam the earth now but that his time will come to an end, for Jesus will reign victorious.  These first three parables are just the beginning in chapter 4 and after we see many parables.  Can you teach others about Jesus using examples and stories, some which are made up and some which are from your personal life?  Give some examples.
3.                  Look at Mark 3:31-35.  What do you think of this passage, Is Jesus disrespecting His parents, and therefore breaking the fifth commandment?  Why or Why not?  Jesus is not disrespecting them rather he is asking an important question, “Who are my mother and brothers?”.  What is Jesus asking?  What is Jesus’s answer?  What does His answer mean?  If you are a Christian are you a sibling of Jesus?  What does that mean?  Why is being an adopted sibling of Jesus important?  As being a adopted sibling of Christ, a member of God’s family, what does that mean we have to do? (eg. v.35).  How are we to do this?

4.                  Do you have any questions for Dan about this chapter?

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