Bible Study: Mark 4:21-41

Read Mark 4:21-41

1.                  Did you discover something new this time you read the chapter?
2.                  Look at Mark 4:21-25.  We finally come to a parable which is not about farming.  Though it is the basis for the song, “This little light of mine” which I am sure you all know.  Jesus asks the question about a lamp hidden from those who need it.  (read vs. 21.) Why do you think He asks that question?  He is asking this questions because it would be absurd for someone to light a lamp, and then hide it.  Jesus also talks about light a lot in this Gospel as well as in the Gospel of John.  What do you think the light is meant to mean?  Jesus is talking about the Gospel, the Gospel is the light that is shown into the darkness of this sinful world and shown how evil this world has become.   Since this is what the light is, what then is Jesus calling everyone to do with the light (the Gospel)?  What does that look like?
3.                  Look at Mark 4:33-34.  Here we see that this whole chapter happened in one sitting.  That would be a lot of teaching, with a lot of people trying to understand.  Yet we see in verse 34 that Jesus then explains everything to His disciples.  Why do you think He took the time to explain everything to His disciples but not to the whole crowd?  When you are in a class in school there are more people in the class room then there are when we have Sunday School or Adventure.  Do you feel more comfortable asking a question in a place where there is more people or less people?  Jesus wanted to give the disciples, those whom He spent the most time with, more personalized teachings.  When  a group of people are taught, with not many in the group people usually learn more that is applicable to their lives.  That is why we have Youth Group, for it is teaching that is aimed specially at you and where you are at in life.  This is what Jesus was doing with His disciples He was giving them extra teaching because He knew them and could give them specialized teaching, and put in the time to train His disciples to, after Jesus death and resurrection, teach others.  This is what we are to do as well.
4.                  Look at Mark 4:35-41.  This part of the chapter is the only part which is not about parables.  Yet as with the parables it is a very well known passage.  What happens in this section?  Why do the winds and the rain obey Jesus?  Why do you think the disciples were so scared?  Why did they not trust Jesus?  This passage is very close to a passage we read in Youth Group over the summer.  Do you remember the account of Jonah?  What happened, when Jonah was on the boat?  (See Jonah 1) What happened?  How is this similar to the account in Jonah?  We know that Jesus is God and that He is the one who not only created the winds, the water, and the rain, but the one who controls all things.  He is the one who stopped the storm in Jonah, and He is the one who stopped the storm in Mark 4.  What does God control in your life?  Do you like that He controls everything?  Why or Why not?  How can God being in control of all things give you peace?  How can it affect your decisions?  How must it affect your relationship with Him?
5.                  How did this chapter in Mark explain the gospel to you?

6.                  Do you have any questions for Dan about this chapter?

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