Bible Study: Mark 5:1-20

Read Mark 5:1-20

1.                  Did you discover something new this time you read the chapter?
2.                  Look at Mark 5:1-20.  This chapter has two long sections, each containing an account of Jesus’ ministry.  This first one deals with Jesus healing a man who is demon possessed.  Now our culture has made demon possession something of a blockbuster circus.  Hollywood has made demon possessed people have heads turning around 360 degrees and talk Latin, possessing anyone and everyone even Christians.  This is not biblical in any sense.  Mark 5:1-20 is one of the clearest and most strait forward accounts of demon possession and how Jesus expels the demon from the man, who is not a follower of God.
Why do you think the demon possessed man was living in the tombs?  Why do you think no one could capture him?  When a person is demon possessed they are not themselves, as seen in vv.3-4.  This demon possessed man, was violent and strong.  All demons are angels who rebelled against God when Satan rebelled against God.  Demons then are Satan creatures that do his bidding as Angels are God’s heavenly creatures whom follow His orders. 
This demon possessed man was in pain and sorrow; he was crying out and trying to commit suicide.  Yet Jesus comes to him.  What did the demon possessed man say to Jesus?  What is this important?  Who does the demon possessed man recognized Jesus to be?  Why is it that this demon possessed man recognizes Jesus for who Jesus is but everyone else including Jesus’ disciples do not?  Is this demon possessed man scared of Jesus?  Why?  Why not be scared.  He knows that Jesus is God and that God is the one who created him, and add that to the fact that this group of renegade angels became demons, they should be scared out of their wits.  They saw God’s power first hand. 
What does Jesus say to the demon possessed man?  What is Jesus trying to do?  What is the second question that Jesus asks the man?  How does the demon respond?  We see here that this man is not only possessed by one demon but by many, legion literally means 6,000 entities.  That means that there were at least 6,000 demons in this man.  This is an interesting thing for us to ponder.  Jesus, one person is telling 6,000 others to do something none of them want to do.  Yet we see later that they do what Jesus commands them to do.  This is how powerful Jesus is.  It also shows us that Jesus is God.  Many time we forget the power that God demonstrates to us on a practical level.
What does the demon possessed man beg Jesus not to do?  Why do you think he asks Jesus not to do this?  What does Jesus then do to the demon possessed man?  Where do the demons go?  What happens to the pigs?  How many pigs where there?  So 6,000 demons leave one man and enter into 2,000 pigs or 2 demons per pig and then they rush off a cliff falling to their death in the sea.
Look closely as verses 14-20.  What happened after the demon possessed pigs drowned?  What two things were seen by the crowd?  Why would they have been afraid? It is amazing that this crowd who had seen this action did not understand that Jesus is the son of God and listen and believe every word that He said.  Yet at the same time we are exact like this crowed we may marvel (eg. vs. 20) at what Jesus has done but we still do not hang on his every word.
 We see reading God’s Word as a chore or something we have to be persuaded into when this is literally and account of God’s actions.  Think about that for a minute.  God’s Word is the written account of His actions and we may marvel but we do not seem interested in living how God’s Word commands us to live or even read it.  I sincerely hope this account of this exorcism of this demon possessed man shows you the need and the importance of reading God’s Word and spending time with Him daily.

3.                  Do you have any questions for Dan about this chapter?

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