Bible Study: Mark 5:21-43

Read Mark 5:21-43

1.                  Did you discover something new this time you read the chapter?
2.                  Look at Mark 5:21-43.  This is the second account of Jesus’ ministry we see in this chapter.  In the book of Mark Jesus travels a lot, and in his travels it seems he does so a lot by boat.  So as soon as Jesus gets out of the boat he is mobbed by a crowd of people.  Why did Jairus come out with see Jesus?  What did he do to show Jesus his need?  What did Jairus ask of Jesus?  Why did he think Jesus could heal his daughter?  How did he want Jesus to heal his daughter?  Why did Jairus believe that even if Jesus would just touch his daughters clothing that she would be healed?  Does that take a lot of faith?  Why?
While Jesus was heading to Jairus to healing the little girl something else happen, what was it?  Why did Jesus ask the question?  Did he not know who touched him? Jesus knew who touched Him but he was asking to see if the person would come forth and tell Him why, they touched His clothing.  Why do the disciples ask Jesus why He ask the crowd?  They again think Jesus is a little off His rocker.  Yet they still follow Him and do as he asks.  They do not understand but they follow.  How are we like the disciples in this situation?
Why did the woman say that it was her?  Why did she fall before Jesus with fear and trembling?  How did Jesus respond to her?  Why do you think Jesus responded in that way?  Do you have faith like that woman?  We should all desire that kind of faith.  Knowing that Jesus can heal any problem that we have no matter how great.  Knowing that He is so powerful, that he does not even need to exert much effort to answer our prayers.  Do you think the faith of that woman grew that day.  How has Jesus done something like that in your life, or in the lives of people you know?  Many times while we know that Jesus is able to do all things, for He is God, we do not truly believe it until we see it firsthand.
This healing of the woman interrupts Jesus going to healing of the little girl.  While Jesus is healing the woman the little girl dies.   Which shows Jesus power more and his compassion bringing a girl back from the dead or healing a terminally sick girl?  Jesus shows that He is God by bring ing this girl back to life and showing the love that God has for His people and the power that He has over death.  This is Jesus first time bringing a person back to life, and it shows us that death has no power of Him.  This is why Jesus is able to come back to life, for He is more powerful then death itself.  What this means to us is that no problem that we have is too large for God.  No problem we have is too hard for God.  God is able to overcome death, therefore anything less than that God is able to do, if He so desires.  So do not be afraid to ask great things of God He has the power to not only hear your prayers but answer then no matter how impossible it is to our eyes.
3.                  Do you have any questions about this chapter?

4.                  How did this chapter in Mark explain the gospel to you?

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