Bible Study: Mark 6:1-6

Read Mark 6:1-6

  1. Is there anything about the chapter you did not understand?
  2. What is the point of this chapter?
  3. What does it reveal about whom God is/His attributes?
  4. Is there a command which I am to obey?  If so, what?
  5. Is there an example to follow?  If so, what?
  6. Is there a promise of God to His people?  If so, what?
  7. Are there specific sins to be avoided?  If so, which?
  8. How can this passage be applied to my life?
  9. What are the different narratives (eg. stories), in this chapter?
  10. Look at Mark 6:1-6.  In this passage in Mark Jesus is back in his hometown, Nazareth.  This is where Jesus grew up where people would have known Jesus since He was a small child.  Do you have people in your family who still see you as the little child you once were?  Or judge you by the wrong discussions you made when you were younger?  This is what happened to Jesus.  He is teaching in the synagogue and was showing them about who God is as well as what He has done, and the people were astonished.  They asked where did He get his wisdom.  Where did Jesus get His wisdom?  Why when they look at Jesus do they only see the son of a carpenter? Why?  Who should they be seeing? This is telling for not only does Jesus get rejected by the people of his own hometown but by his family as well.  Yet even in rejection Jesus still miraculously heals some people, yet the people of his hometown still do not believe.


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