Bible Study: Mark 6:30-56

Read Mark 6:30-56

1.                  Did you discover something new this time you read the chapter?
2.                  Look at Mark 6:30-44.  This is one of the most well-known miracles in the Bible, Jesus feeding the five thousand.  The apostles have just returned from their journeys and then Jesus shows them again how they must rely on him to provide for all of their needs.  Why do you think there is such a large crowd?  Actually the crowd would have been even larger than five thousand, in that time only the men, that were 13 years of age or older would have counted, so women and children.  So likely to say there were way more than 5,000.  Yet the number almost doesn’t matter.  Jesus takes two fish and five loaves of bread and feeds the whole crowd.  All of these people followed Jesus and had do so because they wanted to see him do miracles, and now they were hungry and Jesus saw this as the perfect opportunity to demonstrate his power and might to them again.  How do you think this effected the peoples impression of who Jesus was.  What about when he taught them.  I know when I am hungry I cannot think or even pay attention to the person talking to me, but when I am full I am more attentive.  This is how the people would have been as well.  Jesus feeds them both physically and spiritually so they may be full.  How can we be feed spiritually?  Why is this so important?  What is the difference between being spiritually starving and spiritually full?  We are spiritually feed by God’s Word if were are not in God’s Word we do not follow the commands of God and we fall into sin when we are in God’s Word we see not only the errors of our ways but the Holy Spirit works in us through the reading of God’s Word to help us not to sin.  Therefore we must be feed by reading God’s Word.
3.                  Look at Mark 6:45-52.   Jesus’s disciples literally saw these miracles back to back they still were terrified.  Jesus had literally just made two fish and five loaves of bread feed five thousand people, with more food left over then they started with, yet the disciples think they see a ghost when they see Jesus walk on water.  Again like in Mark 4:35-41 Jesus calms the winds and the rains.  What does Jesus show when he does this?  Why do you think the disciples were terrified?  Would you have been terrified?  Why?  Verse 52 brings us back to the previous miracle with the feeding of the five thousand, for they still did not understand about the miracles they witnessed.  Why do you think Mark says this?  Why do you think the disciples still did not understand?  What do you think it means when Mark says “their hearts were hardened”?  This is a common phrase in scripture but many times we overlook it because we think it is not important.  What this phrase means is that they did not want to see what Jesus was teaching them.  To make this phrase more modern it would be like saying their hearts were surrounded by armor.  Jesus is trying to penetrate their hearts with the realization that He is the Son of God and is the savior they have been waiting for.  But they keep putting more armor around their heats and will not accept the truth that is right in front of them.  Are we not like this?  Do we not believe when we see Jesus’ sacrifice right in front of us?  Why is this?  We do not believe because of our pride, therefore we must be humble for it is only God that can show us that we need to be saved and how we must be saved and kept safe.
4.                  Look at Mark 6:53-56.  What happen as soon as Jesus came into Gennesaret?  Why did Jesus get mobbed again?  Jesus’s fame had spread throughout the whole region and people were out on the lookout for him.  But why were they looking for him? Some may have been looking to hear Jesus’ teaching but as we have seen again and again most were there to see what they could get from Jesus.  How are you like this?  Do you only want from Jesus, but don’t want to fully trust him?  Do you want the benefits of being a Christian but do not want the responsibilities which come with it?  Later in scripture Jesus says to not be lukewarm.  Do not be a lukewarm Christian. 


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