Bible Study: Mark 8:1-10

Read Mark 8:1-10
  1. Is there anything about the chapter you did not understand?
  2. What is the point of this chapter?
  3. What does it reveal about whom God is/His attributes?
  4. Is there a command which I am to obey?  If so, what?
  5. Is there an example to follow?  If so, what?
  6. Is there a promise of God to His people?  If so, what?
  7. Are there specific sins to be avoided?  If so, which?
  8. How can this passage be applied to my life?
  9. What are the different narratives (eg. stories), in this chapter?
  10. Look at Mark 8:1-10. No you are not seeing things.  No your Bible did not reprint that title or forget that Jesus just feed the five thousand in the previous chapter.  In Mark 8 we see that Jesus feed another large crowd, this time it was a little smaller than before.  So why did Jesus now feed a crowd of people again?  Why did He show compassion on them?  How many loaves of bread did Jesus have this time?  Was there anything else as well?  Jesus again preforms this miracle.  Jesus feeds the crowd this time not only to feed them but to demonstrate to them that God provides for them physically.  God is not only concerned about their spiritual well being but He is also concerned for their physical.  He provides for our physical needs, just as He does without spiritual needs.  God never stops providing for the things that we need.
*Much of the work in is not my own but used in collaboration with a few commentaries and Group Study Bible.


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