Bible Study: Mark 8:11-24

Read Mark 8:11-24

1.                  Did you discover something new this time you read the chapter?
2.                  Look at Mark 8:11-13.  What happened there?  This short section can be seen as a confusing conversation between the Pharisees and Jesus but when we look to understand it and not just read it, we see what God is showing us.  The Pharisees are the elite in the Jewish community, and they were used to getting their way.  When they demand a sign from Jesus to prove that He is God, Jesus does not cater to their demands.  Why?  Does Jesus ever need to prove himself to anyone?  Why not?  God reveals himself to us because He wants to not because He has to.  We can demand things from God till we are blue in the face but that does not mean that God will cater to our demands just as he did not to the Pharisees.  God provides what He wants to provide for us, God does what He wants to do.  It is not us who can demand things of God but God who can demand things of us.  Why is that?  Why is that so important for us to remember?
3.                  Look at Mark 8:14-21.  If you are not a person who bakes you may be wondering what in the world is leaven.   Leaven is yeast and yeast is what makes bread rise and not be flat.  What does Jesus do when the disciples are complaining that they have no bread and no leaven to make bread?  Why does He do this?  What does Jesus mean when He says beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Herod? He tells his disciples that they need to not believe the lies that Pharisees and Herod are telling.  He says this probably because the disciples were starting to have doubts, about what they believed, and if Jesus was who He claimed to be.  Do you ever have doubts?  What kinds of doubts?  Even if you are facing doubts about who Jesus is, who God is, and what He has done for us remember that everything that is in the Bible is true and is given to us by God.  If you doubt it remember that just because you doubt does not make the Gospel unreal or untruthful.  The Gospel is not true because you believe it, it is real and true because God say and did it.

4.                  Do you have any questions for Dan about this chapter?

*Much of the work in is not my own but used in collaboration with a few commentaries and Group Study Bible.

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