Bible Study: Mark 8:22-9:1

Read Mark 8:22-9:1

1.                  Did you discover something new this time you read the chapter?
2.                  Look at Mark 8:22-26.  Here we see Jesus do another miracle but one that he had not done yet in the Gospel of Mark.  Jesus has brought the dead back to life, made the mute talk, cast demons out, and healed others from so many disease, now Jesus heals the blind.  Why did Jesus do all of these things?  Many times we think that Jesus only cares about the spiritual, while we cannot undervalue what Jesus does for our lives spiritually, he also came to earth to demonstrate how God provides for us physically, and how God does this many times when things seem impossible.  How did Jesus heal the man of his blindness?  Is that something that you or I could have done?  Why not?  God makes the impossible happen, if it is according to His will.  No matter how impossible it may seem, God will make it happen if it brings Him glory, just like giving sight to a blind man by spitting on him and laying hands on him.
3.                  Look at Mark 8:27-30.  This passage here is one of my favorite passages in the Gospel of Mark.  All of the disciples have been living with and learning from Jesus for a while now, but for the most part none of the disciples seem to not understand what Jesus is trying to accomplish.  In their eyes Jesus is doing a lot of physical good, he is feeding the hungry, he is healing the sick, and he is doing so because God has allowed him to do so.  Some of them may even believe he is a prophet sent by God, which is true, but not the full extent of who Jesus is.  Then all of a sudden what happens, Peter finally gets it.  But peter is afraid to say what he has discovered.  Why might he be afraid to do so?  How does Peter answer first?  What is Peter’s second answer?  What does his answer mean?  His answer means that he knows that Jesus is the long awaited savior.  He understands that Jesus is the one who will usher in the kingdom of God and destroy Satan.  But as we will see, even though he discovers this his understanding of what he has learned is still fuzzy.
Look at Mark 8:31-8:33.  While Peter understood that Jesus was the long awaited savior he did not understand what the savior was actually going to do.  In many of the Jews minds the long awaited savior (or Christ) was a political savior to over throw the Roman government and reestablish the nation of Israel like in the Old Testament.  This is what Peter thought.  Yet Jesus is explaining to the disciples that He will suffer and die to complete the savior’s duty, which was to defeat sin and death once and for all eternity.
While Peter correctly understood that Jesus was the long awaited savior, he did not correctly understand the role of the savior.  Therefore he thinks that Jesus speaking incorrectly and because Peter now thinks He knows more than Jesus he corrects Jesus and tells him He is wrong.  As expect this does not go well.  Would you do what Peter did?  Maybe not to Jesus face but we do this all the time.  We may have a good relationship with Jesus and know Him as our savior but if we see something in scripture that we do not like, we say “no this is not possibly be what god was saying or doing.  My knowledge is superior to God.”  Weather we want to admit it or not this is the case.
When then just like peter need to be corrected.  Why?  What does Jesus do to correct Peter’s thinking?   What does He say to Peter?  Any idea what that means?  Jesus is saying that Peter is acting like Satan.  Satan was angel of the LORD but thought that He knew better than God and was cast out of heaven for his thinking.  Jesus is saying to Peter you are acting like Satan, and you need to change your thinking.  It is a harsh rebuke but one that was desperately needed to Peter and one that we need, when we think we know better than God.
4.                  Look at Mark 8:34-9:1.  After Jesus’s private conversation with His disciples about how He will suffer and be rejected by the elders of the people and the chief priests, the people who should know about the savior the most, he further explains about his eventual suffering and pain without the disciples and the crowd understanding.  Jesus tells everyone, that if anyone will obey what Jesus commands to repent and believe then let him do so at great risk to his own life, so that he may spread the gospel to others.  Jesus explains this by using an illustration, what does he use in the illustration?  He is foreshadowing how He will die.  Jesus is telling everyone that He will die for the sake of others souls and that anyone who is saved by the blood of Christ must be prepared to die to spread the gospel as well.  Are you willing to do that?  Why or Why not?  For you do not need to be sacred for just a Jesus was raised from the dead, you may die here on earth but then live in heaven, in peace with God forever.
5.                  Do you have any questions about this chapter?

6.                  How did this chapter in Mark explain the gospel to you?

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