Bible Study: Mark 9:2-32

Read Mark 9:2-32

1.                  Did you discover something new this time you read the chapter?
2.                  Look at Mark 9:2-13.  If you could take three people up a mountain to meet God, who would you take and why?  In this passage here we see three people, who are they?  What kinds of questions were asked in this passage?  All of these questions related to their relationship with God.  How would you describe your relationship with God right now: In the valley? On the mountain top? Climbing? Something else?  Why?  Do you want to change that?  How might that happen?  Now in this passage why was Peter’s response to what he had just seen inappropriate?  What caused him to act that way?  Furthermore what questions did Peter, James and John have when they came down the mountain?  What questions would you be asking?  How did Jesus answer their questions about Elijah?  How does Elijah’s experience foreshadow Jesus’ experience?  How would this experience be an encouragement to Jesus as He drew nearer to his time of suffering and death?  How does this picture of the suffering messiah shape your view about what the Christian life is all about?
3.                  Look at Mark 9:14-29.  What are the issues that are most likely to start an argument within your family?  Why?  How do you resolve them?  Like arguments in your family, whom do you identify with in the story of the demo possessed boy?  Someone watching the crowd? The Pharisees?  The disciples?  The little boy?  The boy’s father?  Why?  While on the disciples were up on the mountain, what problem were the other nine having?  How did they deal with it?  What do you think the argument was about in verse 14?  If you were the boy’s father, how would you feel during this argument?  Does this passage, specifically Jesus’ response in 9:19 contrast with the previous passage 9:2-13?  Are there any similarities?  Any differences?  What is the major difference between Jesus’ teaching in 8:31 and in 9:30-32?  What is so significant about this difference?  Have you ever felt like the father of the boy with an evil spirit, one moment saying “I do believe,” only to say next “help me in my unbelief,” (v. 24)?  In that same line of thinking what kind of doubts hit you the hardest?  About the future?  About your relationship with Jesus?  About your self-image?  What would help silence those doubts you feel: Admitting them?  Praying about them?  Asking others to pray for you?  Why? Where do you learn more—during spiritual highs or lows?   Why?


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