Bible Study: Mark 9:30-52

Read Mark 9:30-52

1.                  Did you discover something new this time you read the chapter?
2.                  Look at Mark 9:30-41.  What is one ability you had when you were younger that you still wish you had?  As a disciple, how would you feel when Jesus asked about the argument?  Why does Jesus use the child as an object lesson on true greatness in the kingdom of God?  Why were the disciples concerned about which of them was greater?  What can you do in Jesus’ name?  How does Jesus’ idea of success differ from success portrayed in music, tv, movies of even by most of the world?  Have you ever used your relationship with Christ to achieve success, status, power?  What happened?  Do you tend to bad mouth certain Christian groups because they are not as good as “us”?  Why?  What is Jesus point for you here?
3.                  Look at Mark 9:42-50.  If you had to give up a hand, a foot, or an eye, which would you give up and why?  What four things does Jesus say are “better”?  What is his point in using this non-literal usage of the word “better”?  How does the admonition to be at peace (v. 50) relate to verses 42-49?  Short of amputating body parts, what do you need to cut out of your life in order to avoid sin?  What can you do to “salt” your relationships with peace this week?
4.                  Do you have any questions about this chapter?

5.                  How did this chapter in Mark explain the gospel to you?

*Much of the work in is not my own but used in collaboration with a few commentaries and Group Study Bible.


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