Bible Study: Mark 10:1-12

Read Mark 10:1-12
  1. Is there anything about the chapter you did not understand?
  2. What is the point of this chapter?
  3. What does it reveal about whom God is/His attributes?
  4. Is there a command which I am to obey?  If so, what?
  5. Is there an example to follow?  If so, what?
  6. Is there a promise of God to His people?  If so, what?
  7. Are there specific sins to be avoided?  If so, which?
  8. How can this passage be applied to my life?
  9. What are the different narratives (eg. stories), in this chapter?
  10. Look at Mark 10:1-12.  I know you guys are not ready to be married, yet this passage here deals with something that affects us.  Over half of the people you will ever meet have had their lives utterly changed by divorce.  Since it this is so prevalent in our American culture it is important for us to see what Jesus teaches about marriage and divorce.  With that in mind, again even though you are not married, what do you think the secret to a happy and lifelong marriage is?  (Maybe look at your parents’ marriage or that of your aunts and uncles, or even grandparents).  Why do you think the Pharisees asked the question about divorce?  What was the Pharisees view of divorce?  What is God’s intention for marriage?  What is the result of divorce?  What new element did Jesus bring to the question of divorce?  What is the difference between love in contemporary culture and love Jesus style?  Why is divorce so detrimental?  How can divorce be overcome?  Does marriage need to be dependent upon God?  

*Much of the work in is not my own but used in collaboration with a few commentaries and Group Study Bible.


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