Bible Study: Mark 10:13-52

Read Mark 10:13-52
  1. Did you discover something new this time you read the chapter?
  2. Look at Mark 10:13-16.  What childlike characteristics do you think Jesus was commending here?  What does childlikeness have to do with receiving the kingdom of God?  In what area of your life would you like to be more childlike?  How would this help your relationship with Jesus?  What will you do this week to achieve this?
  3. Look at Mark 10:17-31. What is one of your most valuable possessions?  Why do you value it?  If you inherited a million dollars, what would you do first?  Second?  What is one material thing that brings you the greatest happiness?  How does it do this?  What was the rich young man like?  What did he ask and why?  What lack in his life did this question betray?  What was his assumption about how one gains eternal life?  How did his view differ from Jesus (eg. Mark 10:15)?  What are the two parts of Jesus’ response?  What seemed to be the young man’s assumption about the nature of goodness?  How did Jesus challenge this?  What is the Old Testament answer to the young man’s question?  What did the young man’s response say about where his faith and confidence were really placed?  How does this passage reflect the idea that you have to be rich to be happy?  What demands has Jesus made in your life?  If Jesus said about you, “one thing you lack,” to what would he most likely point?  What gets in the way of your entering the kingdom of God?  How does verse 27 help you?  What is Jesus saying to you in this passage about your use of money?
  4. Look at Mark 10:32-34.  If you knew that you had only a few days to live, how would you spend your time?  Why would going to Jerusalem make the disciples both afraid and astonished?  Why would they be afraid of Jesus’ death?  What does this say about their understanding of Jesus’ mission?  If you had been one of the disciples, what would you have been most difficult for you to accept?  Why?
  5. Look at Mark 10:35-45.  What causes the most conflict in your family?  How do your parents try to solve them?  How do you?  What did you most often ask your dad or mom give you?  What did James and John want?  How appropriate was their request?  What did Jesus answer?  Why were the other disciples indignant?  How did their attitude compare with James and John’s?  How would you have felt if you have been of the ten?  How does Jesus’ view of leadership compare with the world’s view?  How did Jesus model his style of leadership?  What can you learn about leadership from this passage?  When do you find yourself desiring the first chair in God’s orchestra?  How does Jesus model of suffering servant influence your life?  What is one way could be a servant this week? 
  6. Look at Mark 10:46-52.  What new title did Bartimaeus use for Jesus?  How did Jesus respond to this title?  What is the significance of this title?  What character traits Bartimaeus display in this story?  How do these traits work in his healing?  Why do you think Jesus does not tell Bartimaeus to keep silent about his hearing?  What has been the greatest act of God in your life?  Why?  How has it affected your life?
  7. Do you have any questions about this chapter?
*Much of the work in is not my own but used in collaboration with a few commentaries and Group Study Bible.


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