Bible Study: Mark 12:1-12

Read Mark 12:1-12
1st time reading Mark 12 and 13
1.                  Is there anything about the chapter you did not understand?
2.                  What is the point of this chapter?
3.                  What does it reveal about whom God is/His attributes?
4.                  Is there a command which I am to obey?  If so, what?
5.                  Is there an example to follow?  If so, what?
6.                  Is there a promise of God to His people?  If so, what?
7.                  Are there specific sins to be avoided?  If so, which?
8.                  How can this passage be applied to my life?
9.                  Look at Mark 12:1-12.  Now we live in farm country and should know a few families who farm.  If you worked on a farm what do you think you would enjoy the most?  If you had then entrust your farm (or the most important thing you owned) to someone, whom would you choose?  Why?  Why does the vineyard represent?  Who is the owner?  The son?  Who are the tenants?  The servants?  What was Jesus prophesying by telling this story?  How does the Scripture Jesus quotes relate to the parable?  Who were these builders?  Who is the capstone?  What impact did this parable have on its hearers?  How did it answer the question about Jesus’ authority (Mark 11:28)?  When have you felt greatly rejected?  Greatly accepted?  Generally, how do you feel rejected or accepted?  Why?  How do you make Jesus feel welcome in your life each day?  What actions of yours might him feel unwelcome?  Does Jesus seem more like a millstone (weight) or a capstone (one who holds everything together) in your life?  Why?

*Much of the work in is not my own but used in collaboration with a few commentaries and Group Study Bible.

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