Bible Study: Mark 12:35-13:27

Read Mark 12:35-13:27

1.                  Did you discover something new this time you read the chapter?
2.                  Look at Mark 12:35-44.  When you were a kids, whom did your parent’s tell you to “watch out for”?   What was the issue behind Jesus’ question in verses 35-37?  How does this question relate to each major question asked by Jesus in Mark 11:27-12:34?  How did the teachers of the law view themselves?  How did their views contrast  with Jesus’ view of leadership (Mark 9:35)?  Listening to Jesus’ words, how would you have felt if you had been a teacher of the Law?  A member of the crowd? 
3.                  Look at Mark 13:1-31.  If you knew that world would end in six months, how would you change your lifestyle?  If you had to leave this earth tomorrow, what would you miss the most?  Why would you think that Jesus used the discussion about the temple to begin his discourse about the end to the age?  What made the temple so significant for the disciples?  What would its destruction symbolize to them?  In this passage, do you think Jesus was talking in the present tense, the future tense, or both?  What significance does this have for the church?  List all the “signs” in this passage?  Which signs apply to the time of the disciples?  Which signs apply to the second coming of Christ? How are these time periods similar?  How are the different?  What is most exciting about Jesus’s second coming?  What makes you the most nervous?  Why?  Does this passage make you want to do anything?  What?
4.                  Look at Mark 13:32-37. How do you protect your stuff when you are away?  If you had unlimited resources, how would you protect your stuff?  Why do you think the Father has kept the day and the hour secret? Why is it so important that only God knows?  Why is the second coming of Jesus so important?  How can you live like Jesus is coming back at any moment?  Does this change how you live?  Why?  How can you live with this in mind?
5.                  Do you have any questions about this chapter?

6.                  How did this chapter in Mark explain the gospel to you?

*Much of the work in is not my own but used in collaboration with a few commentaries and Group Study Bible.


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