Bible Study: Romans 1:1-7

Read Romans 1:1-7. 

In the first verse of this chapter we saw who Paul was and what his identity, which he has found in Christ.  In the rest of this section we see his mission explained after he stated it in the first verse “set apart for the gospel of God” (1:1).  Now do you ever wonder why there is so much detail in the Bible?  What about specifically in the letters of Paul?

Well it is because of two important reasons.  One it shows us that Paul’s letters are real, they are genuine.  Real letters written to real people.  Secondly it shows us the details of Paul’s life and that of New Testament life. 
When we look at Romans 1:1-7, we see that the true passion of Paul to the Roman church.  Paul has a desire to share Christ with them prior to his visit to them.  In this short passage Paul tries to convey to the Roman people as well as us a few important things about Christ.
If you were going to write a letter to someone telling them about Christ what would you tell them?  Why would you tell them that?  Are there many ways to share the Gospel with someone?  What are some ways?  What ways have you tired?

When Paul is sharing the Gospel with the Roman people, He starts by bringing up the Old Testament (we see this in Romans 1:2).  The Gospel is taught to us from Genesis 3:15 onward, it is the account of how God would send a savior and the New Testament, including the letter to the Romans, is the fulfillment of that promise.  This is why you might see your pastor preaching from the Old Testament a lot.  It is not just a collection of stories but the Gospel being unveiled slowly verse by verse.  God demonstrates his love, mercy, and many promises which He always fulfills.  This is why we must read the Old Testament because Jesus is found throughout it, not by name but the prophets tell us of Him and what He will do in the New Testament and beyond.
Do you read the Bible outside church?  If so when?  Why?   What do you read?  Do you ever read the Old Testament?  Is it ever confusing?  Why how could it be less confusing?  Does it ever make you discouraged?  How can that be helped?

The second thing we see in this section is the person of the good news.  In the first part we saw the promise of the good news, which in found in the Old Testament. In verses 1:2-4 we see the person of good news who is Jesus.  Paul teaches us that Jesus is the Son of God and the Son of Man, who was in the kingly line of David.  Now in the south we place a high importance on where a person is from. 
For instance if a person’s parents are well respected in the community they are thought highly of.  Also if they family is well connected,  or if their extended family are pillars of the community that person can be seen as having an even greater importance.
Jesus comes from two very important places.  Since He is fully God and fully man He is able to do something that no one else could.  Jesus is the Son of God, and God is, well God.  No one is more prefect, no one is more powerful, no one is greater than Him. 
Jesus was also full man He was of the kingly line of David.  No one could have greater credentials than Jesus.  And because of He was fully man and fully God He could do, something that only a person with His credentials could do.  He died and rose from the dead, taking all of the sin of the world upon Him.  He could do this because He is God, and He could take our sin and because He was blameless of Sin. 
When you think about the personhood of Jesus do you think of the greatest debt He paid?  That your sin put him there?  That it was your sin that caused His pain, and made Him die?  This is something we should think of often, for it is the reason we call ourselves, the Family of God, and the reason we hold the name Christian.
In the last verses of this section, verses 5-7, we see the conclusion of Paul’s introduction to this letter in which he shares the provision, the proclamation, purpose of the good news of the Gospel.  In the simplest terms Paul is teaching the Romans and ourselves that God provided Jesus for us even though He was not obligated to.  God did provide Jesus for us, out of His love for us.  And because of His provision for us in Jesus we must do what God requires of us which is spread the Gospel to all who will hear.  God told Paul to preach the Gospel and be a representative of His here on earth and that is what Paul did.  We must do likewise.
Do you want to share the gospel?  You are called to do so.  It will be tough, I will not sugar coat it, but you are not alone.  God has sent His Spirit to live in you and work in you to help you follow God’s commands. 
Have you spent time in prayer today asking God how you can spread the Gospel?  Have you took the time to share the Gospel? Try today to do so, it may be awkward, it may not look great or sound great but try it out.  This is just the first step and it will get easier as you continue to practice it.  And remember you are never alone for the same God who gave you salvation though the Gospel of Jesus Christ has also sent you His spirit to aid you in your task.

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