Bible Study: Romans 1:8-15

Read Romans 1:8-15. 

Now when I was in Seminary I read a lot of books and by a lot I mean a lot.  But no matter how many books I read, no matter how many papers I wrote, or tests I took, the part of my education which I learned the most in did not take place the words on a page of inside of a classroom.
Instead it was in relationships with one of my mentors and my professors which I learned the most.  They performed what I understand as true Christian discipleship.  The traits and skills that they demonstrated to me through their own strengths and weaknesses helped mold me into the man of God I am today.
Who are the people in your life who have shaped and molded you?  How did they do so?  Who would you say has shaped and molded you the most?  Why?  How?

Now as we grow, no matter how old we get we  will always look up to someone, specifically when it comes to growing in our relationship with God.  We must always be on the lookout for people who will help grow us shape us into followers of Christ who are more like Him.  Ones who will help us grow.  This type of relationship is called discipleship. 
What we see in Romans 1:8-15 is a set of qualifications.  Qualifications we should be looking for in someone who can disciple us.  These qualifications are, a thankful spirit (v. 9-10a), a submissive spirit (v. 10b), a loving spirit (v. 11), a humble spirit (v. 12), a fruitful spirit (v. 13), an obedient spirit (v. 14), and a eager spirit (v. 15).  In verse 16 we also we that we must be on the lookout for a person with a bold spirit.
Each of these qualifications should be found in someone who wants to disciple you.  You must be able to see these qualifications evident in their lives. 
What are some traits you are weak in?  What are some of the traits you are strong in?  Do you know someone who can disciple you?  Spend some time in prayer praying about who can disciple you and then approach them about it.

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