Bible Study: Romans 1:18-32

Read Romans 1:18-32
Do you ever wonder why people who do not know about God are condemned to Hell?  Does that seemed unfair?  Why? 

Some people have told me that God wouldn’t send someone to Hell.  Someone was in a remote village who never hear the Gospel or God, why would God send them to Hell?  I responded to them that this theoretical person, in a remote village, would have heard of God they did not just know Him personally.  This is what Romans 1:18-32 is all about. As sad of a story that a person can paint, God has still revealed himself to them. 
Paul teaches us in this section that, God has revealed himself to us in His creation.  That by creating us, creating the mountains, the seas, the fish, the birds, the animals, sun, sky, etc.  In this He has demonstrated to us that not only does He exist but what He is capable of.  In this way no one can say “I don’t know that God exists!”  Rather they are rejecting God because they do not like the idea of God, or that they do not like that God has that much power, or that they might owe him anything. 
Now while this knowledge is able to prove God’s existence, role, and power it does not tell us about Him personally.  Outside the Bible we can know about God but while helpful this knowledge is able to prove the existence of God but not the grace that He has given us, which we can only find in God’s Word, the Bible.  The Gospel is not knowing who God is.  Many who know who God is.  Even more even believe that God exists.  But faith in God does not save.
Knowledge of God does not save.   Only faith in Jesus as your savior, that He is the only one who can save you from you sin, and forgiveness granted by God and God alone can save.    This is why spreading the Gospel is so important.  This is why we must take the great commission so seriously.  Look up Matthew 28:16-20.  He says all of us are to go out share the Gospel with others.  No matter that place, no matter the person.  We are to do this us.
How are you spreading the Gospel?  How are you fulfilling the great commission?  God’s revelation of himself to us in creation is able to condemn but not save, so what are you going to do about it?  What can you do now to spread the Gospel?  What about in the future?  How must this affect your prayer life?  How must this affect every new person you meet?  Every relationship you have?  You might be the only Christian they ever meet.  How can you make each encounter with any person, an encounter which you demonstrate the good news of the Gospel to them?

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