Bible Study: Romans 2:6-11

Read Romans 2:6-11

What comes to your mind when you see someone who is a different color than you? What about when someone who just looks different than you, or even sounds different? Do you have any preconceived ideas that if a person looks a certain way, dresses a certain way, or talks in a certain manner? What? Why?

The questions I just posed to you, I hope challenged you to think about why you think the way you think, and if there are any preconceived ideas you have about a certain group(s) of people.  The reason I asked you those questions is because it directly relates to what Paul is teaching in Romans 2:6-11.

Paul writes in Romans 2:6-11 about righteousness.  Now last week we learned what righteousness is.  What is righteousness?  Righteousness is being made right with God.  Basically because we are full of sin, we are not right with God we are enemies of God, but after we have been saved, we are made right with God.  Our sins are forgiven and we are a peace with him, ie. made right, or righteousness. 

Do you remember what you learned when you read Romans 2:1-5? If not reread it to remember. For Paul builds upon this idea, when he says that the grounds for judgment is for what people have done.  Basically, if you have followed God’s law then when you face the final judgment you will not be thrown in Hell.  We see in verse 6 that God will judge us according to our works.  Can we do anything that will make our works greater than our sin?  Why not?  If we cannot then why is Paul asking this?  Paul is showing us this to show us that God is going to judge us if we obeyed the law of God perfectly.  Which we can’t do no matter how hard we try.  This is why we must utterly depend on Jesus for we are completely and totally depraved, full of sin through and through.

This applies to anyone and everyone, there is no one in this world that is less sinful for another.  All sin is equally as heinous and everyone is a sinner so we are all equally depraved.  And anyone can be saved.  I was going to tell you a story but I want you to hear it.  Go to YouTube and search for “I am Second Brain Head Welch”.  Or go to The testimony of Brain “Head” Welch is a powerful story of a man who was saved from sin, anyone no matter how much they have sinned can be saved.  This testimony may seem radically different from yours or mine but it is actually the same.  God still showed you your sin, convicted you of it, and showed you that you can only be saved from your sin by repenting and asking Jesus to be your savior. (If you want to see more amazing testimonies search for I Am Second on YouTube.)

Not only are we all sinners in need of forgiveness.  When we attain righteousness, which comes from God and God alone, we are no better than anyone else.  Do you remember the parable of the Prodigal Son?  Look up Luke 15:11-32. Read this parable and write down what you see.  What did the older son do?  What about the younger son?  How are they the same?  How are they different?  Who are you, are you the younger son who ran away from God?  Or the  older son, meaning that you  are a covenant child, probably having known Jesus as your savior for as long as you can remember? 

Many of you will fall into the second category of the older son.  When you are the older son, you are like the Jews that Paul is referring to in Romans 2:5-11.  They thought that they were better than other people groups because they knew about God longer, they had “followed” his commands longer.  Yet they were no better off than all of the other people groups.  Anyone who knows Jesus as their savior has been declared as righteous in God’s eyes.  Equally as righteous as anyone else who follows Christ, for our righteousness is not based on our skin color, our gender, accent, our people group, or anything else.  For our righteousness comes from our relationship with Jesus and not what we look like or act like.

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