Bible Study: Romans 2:12-16

Read Romans 2:12-16

Most of you are a fan of some type of sport. I am an avid fan of the NFL, now there are some complex rules in the sport. There are 17 main rules and 121, pages of 6 point font, sub rules to those main 17. Needless to say this is a very complex sport, and on top of that rules change every year. Now with this many rules and constant rule changes, is it ever ok for a football player or coach to break the rules? No and if they do they get penalized. They even get penalized if they did not know about the rule they broke. They are held accountable for every rule in the rule book, no exceptions. The same is true of us with God’s law.

Weather we know God’s law or not we are held accountable for every command in scripture.  And not just you everyone who has ever lived, is living, or will ever live has this same standard.  Now you may be thinking to yourself this is not right.  Why is this ok? Why does God hold everyone accountable to his law even those who have not read it, or who have never heard of the Bible?  Does this make God mean?  Why or Why not?  Does this make God vindictive?  Why or Why not? 

The answer to each of these questions is no.  That God requires something of all people is not mean or vindictive, for everyone knows God’s law.  Now you might be thinking wait, how does everyone know God’s law.  Last week, I said that everyone knows about God, yet that general knowledge about God cannot save us.  The same is true with God’s law.

You know that little voice inside your head that tells you not to do something that you are about to do?  Many people call that a conscience.  What it really is, is God’s law written on your heart telling you that you are breaking God’s law.  Now you may again be thinking that not everyone has the same conscience.  This is true in some sense.  Everyone may or may not listen to their conscience, and not everyone’s may be yelling at them as loud as others.  But because God’s law is given to everyone before they were born we all are held accountable to God’s law.  No one is exempt.

Now some people are better at ignoring they conscience than others, and the more we ignore it the more we purposely forget that it is there in the first place.  Yet no matter how much we ignore God’s law written on our hearts, like the NFL players and coaches we are still held accountable for all rules and laws.  We can never claim ignorance.  Just like a person who commits a crime in this country cannot claim ignorance of the law neither can we with God, and God’s punishment is a lot worse than the laws of our country.  In the end this is why we must go to all of the world and proclaim the gospel to all who will hear for ignorance on anyone’s part is not a option, and this is the task that God has called us all to.

Do you ever want to claim ignorance of God’s law?  Why?  Why would that be easier?  How would that change everything?  Why do we have to follow God’s law anyway?  Why is it so important for us to share the Gospel of Grace with anyone and everyone?  How are you doing that today?

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