Bible Study: Romans 2:17-29

Read Romans 2:17-29
When I was growing up I listened to a lot of Punk Rock music, and I much as I do not like to admit it, I dressed like one too. Now as much as I listened to that music and tried to imitate their styles, I did not live the way that told me to live in the music. I didn’t talk the way they talked, I didn’t act in the ways they wanted me to act. I was a hypocrite, I did not walk the walk, I did not talk the talk. What I was first and foremost was a follower of Christ even though I did not show it to the outside world.

When we look at Romans 2:17-29, it is a humbling section.  It condemned me and maybe you as well.  When we do not live what we believe we are not living how God commands us to live, rather we are trying to though on dirty trappings of the world onto our white blood washed clothes.    In this section of the chapter Paul is talking specifically to the Jews of his day, who act exactly like we do.  Many people say you need to practice what you preach.  The Jews we not living like God told them to but they were condemning others for living like the world.  Sound familiar, we do the exact same thing.

Even worse the Jews of that day boasted that they lived so much better than others because they did extra things, they did more than the law commanded.  The created their own laws so that they would not break God’s laws.  It would be like us saying that if you do not dress up for church in a fully suit every Sunday and are there at 9:45am, no exceptions, that you would be punished.  Is this in God’s law anywhere? No.  They produced a fake outward appearance to seem holier than others. 

We see this every day, it is called fake Christianity.  When someone is being a fake Christian they say all the right things but on the inside they are rotten.  They might even claim how that because they know the Westminster Children’s Catechism in full that they are better Christians than anyone else.  Whether you are being a fake Christian or trying to live in a way that no one notices that you are one, you need to stop, NOW.  Romans 2:17-29, calls us to live like we are.   If you are saved by the blood of Jesus than you need to act like it, make it obvious, not in a fake way but in a way that draws others to Christ, for that is how we live lives that honor and glorify God.

Do you ever feel like you are living a fake life?  Which category do you fall into, being a fake Christian or trying to hide your faith?  Whichever one you fall into do you want help walking the path of righteousness? It is a tough way to live being an well-known Christian but it is what God wants us to do, how he wants us to live for that is why He calls us His family.

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