Bible Study: Romans 3:21-23

Read Romans 3:21-31

In this chapter we have tackled two very hard to understand but core doctrines of the Christian faith, Sanctification and Total Depravity.  We are now going to focus on a third, justification. 
Now justification sounds like a hard word but when you boil it down it can be understood by this phrase.  “Justification means just as if I never sinned.”  When we repent of our sins and take Jesus as our savior, Jesus takes the punishment of our sin away and justifies us, making it as if we never sinned.”  As we look deeper into this important doctrine today, I want you to keep this simple definition in mind.

Now in deepening our understanding of this concept of justification we must remember what we have learned so far this week, specifically about total depravity.  Now because we are totally depraved in our being and can do nothing but sin, we are in need of a savior, and this applies to all of us.  We see this in Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”  We need to be justified because of our radical depravity of sin.  But we see that, if God has chosen us to be saved, that we are justified by the death of Christ, and by His death alone.  Every drop of blood that came from Jesus was to save anyone who will believe from their sin, not a single drop was wasted.  And this was done for you, and we receive this justification for our sins, by faith alone, through Christ alone, because of Grace, which we see in scripture alone, so that we can glorify God alone.

Now you may already know all of this and it may seem old hat to you, but it always bears repeating for we cannot underscore the importance of not only knowing and understanding this doctrine but also explaining it to others, for it is the core of our relationship with God.
Now in verse 3:27 Paul tells us why he explained justification to us in this way and it all goes back to boasting, as it did in the being of chapter three. Paul keeps hammering that we must not be arrogant and boastful.  

Why does He do this? Why is it so important? Why do we need to not boast in our justification? Can we boast about our justification in any sense? What is the difference in boasting about your justification and boasting in your justification (meaning that Christ is so great, that he saved a wretched sinner like me!)? 

How is this important to your personal relationship with Christ? Do you understand the doctrine of justification better? What about total depravity? What about sanctification? Do you feel more competent in your ability to explain this to others and use this in sharing the gospel? Why or why not?

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