Free Books For Minsitry

If you are like me you never have enough money for books and even if you do have some book money the books that you desire are far more than you have.  One of the resources I have found that solves this conundrum is the Chappell Library,

The Chappell Library is a ministry of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL.  While it is a baptist church they hold to the London Baptist Confession of 1689 which”It is almost identical to the great Westminster Confession of Faith adopted in 1646, but upholds believer’s baptism and congregational church government. It has been used by Baptist congregations worldwide for over 300 years.”

The Chappell Library puts out a quarterly magazine on a specific subject, they also distribute classic Reformed literature all for FREE.  While you are limited to a quantity of 10 forms of literature per month, the depth and the length of the literature makes me run to my mailbox every month waiting for the package to arrive.  This ministry is perfect for young and old ministers who do not have much disposable income.


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