When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner

When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner, illustrated by David Catrow, and published by Waterbrook publishers, is a colorful book that aims to teach children why they were created.

As a conservative evangelical Christian, I expected this book to agree with the basic tenets of orthodox Christianity. As a result, I strongly disliked this book. This book is written to seem as though we as people were created on a whim and God didnt have any idea of what he was doing or why he was creating us. This book also gives too much credit to our abilities as humans and denies the sovereignty of God. While trying to explain the sovereignty of God the author takes too many creative liberties in trying to explain an important yet complex subject matter to children. This in conjunction with some grammatically suspect sentences makes the reading of this book quite confusing. On top of these issues with the text, the book talks about the glory of man that God instilled in us, an idea that flies in the face of Biblical teaching.

The art in this book is bright and colorful, however,  the artwork is too busy and abstract to encourage the child to focus on the story. On top of this, the further into the book I read the less the pictures seemed to have to do with the text of the story.  Therefore, it saddens me to say I cannot recommend this book to anyone.

This book was provided to me at no cost by waterbrook publishers via bloggingforbooks in return for my honest review.


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