Let the Children Worship by Jason Helopoulos

9781781919095Small voices murmuring, the slight cry of a baby, a little head turning around to stare at all the people behind them, all while the Word of God is read and proclaimed: this is the sight and the sounds of a community of believers worshiping God together.  Do these sights and sounds give you fear and panic or do they sound like intergenerational worship?  Whatever the case may be Jason Helopoulos argues in his new book Let the Children Worship published by Christian Focus that all people regardless of age should be worshiping together.

There is a problem in our churches today which affects all churches large and small.  This problem stems from a trend which started during 70’s when churches starting having children separated from the rest of the congregation from “Youth Groups” to “Children’s Church” or any form of under 18 ministry.  This trend has left most people who grew up in this new era feeling like they must be separated from those with differing ages.  It is with this mindset that Helopoulos argues for a return to multigenerational congregational worship.

The main thrust of this work argues that since we are created for worship, when we gather as the people of God, we should be worshiping as He wants us to worship, by the basic means of grace a local covenant community.  Helopoulos then demonstrates that there are blessings and benefits that come from including children in worship, how they are able to see the sacraments, understand necessity of keeping Sabbath worship as a priority, and engage the whole family in a unified teaching of scripture.

Yet while some of this book can seem like a study without practical implications, it is anything but.  Helopoulos spends countless pages demonstrating to parents and church leaders how to implement this return to non-age segregated worship and to make it something that the children desire to be present for.  Some of these practical applications can be difficult to complete but they are necessary steps to engage children in worship, and to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the church.

From the perspective of a Children’s and Youth Minister, as well as a father, this work was a concept that had been rattling around in my mind for a few years now, and it was great to see that not only do others share this view but have the desire and drive to see a return to a multigenerational congregational worship which is what is shown to us in scripture, demonstrating the principles laid out in Deuteronomy 6:4-9.  I would recommend this to any ministers as well as any parents who desire to have their children worship together as the family of God.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Christian Focus Publishing in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

Let the Children Worship

© 2017 by Jason Helopoulos

Publisher: Christian Focus Publishing

Page Count: 96

ISBN: 9781781919095


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