Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi by Anthony R. Petterson

41ZL6RYLfcL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi is an Old Testament commentary, written by Anthony R. Petterson published by IVP Academic.  This commentary is the newest edition of the Apollos Old Testament Commentary Series with editors David W. Baker and Gordon J. Wenham, a series which is synonymous with superior exegesis and excellent application, this volume continues this legacy.  This volume is one of the most articulate and practical modern commentaries on these difficult to interpret prophetic books of the Bible.  While Petterson is no stranger to Biblical commentaries this is his first foray into this relatively new commentary series.

Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi has four main sections the typical general introduction, and then followed by three insightful exegetical commentaries on the last three minor prophets.  With regard to the general introduction it is the typical study into the introductory matters of the final three prophetic books of the Bible as a whole.  This is a serious scholarly work which dives into contextual as well as the as the different mythological approaches to study these books.  More specific introductions are found alongside the commentary of each book.

In reference to the commentary sections on the text of these prophetic books themselves, Petterson takes great care in carefully showing the original context of passage while applying it directly to the modern day reader.  He also uses his own translation of the Hebrew text, which demonstrates his depth of knowledge of the text itself.

With regard of recommending Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi to others I would whole heartily recommend this commentary to students of scripture, with one caveat.  By this I mean I recommend this work to Pastors, Bible Teachers, Bible College Students, and to some extent Laymen, there is enough scholarly weight to this work to understand a particular issue in the text while giving aid to pastors in preaching the text.  The caveat is to the laymen that is looking for a devotional commentary, this is not a devotional type of commentary and it would be hard to use it as such.  In the end there are many commentaries about Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi available at this moment but Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi  of the Apollos Old Testament Commentary series is a step above the rest.

This book was provided to me free of charge from IVP  in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi: Apollos Old Testament Commentary

© 2015 by James R. Edwards

Publisher: IVP Academic

Page Count: 448 Pages

ISBN: 978-0830825240


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