Unceasing Kindness: A Biblical Theology of Ruth by Peter H.W. Lau and Gregory Goswell

419ZI5-iVgL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Unceasing Kindness: A Biblical Theology of Ruth by Peter H.W. Lau and Gregory Goswell is one of the newest volumes in the longstanding series New Studies In Biblical Theology by IVP Academic Publishing.  This admirable series is edited by D.A. Carson is renowned for its impeccable research, its engagement with current scholarship, and conformity to the basic tenants of orthodoxy.  The book of Holy Scripture which this volume focuses on is Ruth.

Now Ruth is a short narrative of scripture, one which is favored by Pastors and Scholars alike.  Furthermore the book of Ruth has a long and broad history of interpretation.  Unceasing Kindness strives to explore the vast landscape of various Biblical Theological interpretations of Ruth while evaluating which interpretations are sound with some advice on which interpretive methods to take.

In regard to the text of the book itself, there are eight various interpretive lenses to view the book of Ruth through, some of which connect well, while others contradict one another.  In each of these interpretive systems the authors are careful to look at the meaning of the text in its own context as well as the broader view of scripture as a whole.  Furthermore in each of the interpretations there are a handful of themes which the authors shine a light on such as kingship, missions, kindness, wisdom famine, and hiddenness.  Of these themes the most insightful was the famine theme.

The theme of famine in the book of Ruth is often overlooked for various reasons, yet usually it is missed for the book is not seen in its proper cultural context, meaning a pre-kingdom of Israel, Judge lead nation who do not follow God, and get punished for their lack of obedience, with famines and other wrathful actions by God.

In the end I would wholeheartedly recommend Unceasing Kindness to any Pastor, Bible Teacher, or Sunday School teacher who is preparing for a long in-depth exposition of the book of Ruth.  I only regret that that this book was not already published last time I was teaching through Ruth for it would have been a helpful addition to my preparation.

This book was provided to me free of charge from IVP Academic Publishers in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

Unceasing Kindness: A Biblical Theology

© 2016 by Peter H.W. Lau and Gregory Goswell

Publisher: IVP Academic

Page Count: 212 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-0830826421


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