Revelation: A Shorter Commentary by G.K. Beale with David H. Campbell

beale-revelationRevelation: A Shorter Commentary by G.K. Beale with David Campbell is published by Eerdmans, is a unique work.  Beale had written a commentary on Revelation for the New International Greek Testament Commentary (NIGTC) also published by Eerdmans, yet a decade and a half later Beale with the aid of Campbell has shortened and crafted a more accessible version of his extremely scholarly and cumbersome volume on this theologically rich book of Holy Scripture.  Still weighing in at over five hundred pages, which is pretty standard in length for a through and helpful commentary on a highly studied but widely interpreted book of scripture.

Speaking of Beale’s interpretation, it is always important to know where a scholar stands in the theological landscape before you read their works so that you may know their presuppositions and have confidence that the commentary will aid in your interpretation of scripture rather than challenge it.  In the case of Beale, he is a conservative reformed scholar and pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and teaches at Westminster Theological Seminary for which He teaches New Testament.  With this in mind Beale holds to an Amillennialist view of the millennium, yet despite his presuppositions Beale takes great pains to explore, explain, and refute in a humble manner other theological view points.

This commentary is one of a handful of commentaries on Revelation which I turn to when I on studying this book, for it is scholarly, through, yet outstandingly accessible for a commentary on one of the most confusing book of scripture.  John Calvin once commented that Revelation was a book on which he wouldn’t comment, yet disciple his illustrious hesitation, Revelation is a book of God’s Word which must be studied for which Beale’s commentary is a great complement to any Pastor, Bible Teacher, or Seminary Student who is preparing to teach or preach from the final book in the cannon.  For that reason I fully recommend this book.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Eerdmans Publishing in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

Revelation: A Shorter Commentary

© 2015 by G.K. Beale with David H. Campbell

Publisher: Eerdmans

Page Count: 562 Pages

ISBN: 9780802866219


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