Spirit Empowered Theology by Charles Carrin

51zon46ui7l-_sx331_bo1204203200_Systematic theology have been around for countless years, yet while they used to be the culmination of a person’s life study, usually made in multi volumes, in modern systematic theology they have become single and truly quite slim in appearance. This has been met with mixed results. Such is the case with “Spirit Empowered Theology by Charles Carrin, D.D. published by chosen publishing. In this work Carrin packs a lot of weight topics into just over 350 pages.

This Systematic Theology covers standard topics such as the nature of God and the works of God to the second coming of Christ, from mission nature to the role of the church. What is interesting about this Systematic Theology is that while Corrin is in the charismatic tradition spends, he 3/4 of his work dedicated to matters of the Holy Spirit, spiritual warfare, and other charismatic beliefs. Well many in condition do not lunchtime delving into church history (unfortunately many other Protestant movements do not either). Carrin spends numerous pages on significant parts of church history and how they relate to the work of the Holy Spirit.

I will freely admit I was skeptical when I miss being in a very different theological tradition, yet I was pleasantly surprised at how much time he spent on this topic and quoted Manning famous preachers from Christendom for example Charles Spurgeon quotes are all over this work. And even when he writes about matters in which I disagree with him on, Carrin was more generous to other theological positions and I couldn’t even hoped for.

Yet in the end well Carrin’s work is impressive in the sense of its brevity for delving into the topic of systematic theology. Remedy is also its downfall even that amount of time spend on important topics such as theology proper, Anthropology, and Christology yet these sections left me with more questions than answers. This is why I will recommend this book to some and not others. This is not a blanket recommendation rather only to those or in the charismatic tradition and who have other works that can supplement this work on systematic theology.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Chosen Books in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.



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