Getting Jesus Wrong by Matt Johnson

41aduexfx5l-_sx331_bo1204203200_In the 1993 film the sandlot, a group of kids had a misconception about a man which leads to a lot of wasted effort and time.  In similar fashion as a culture we have misconceptions about who Jesus is.  For instance we how we relate to him and how we are to follow him, this leads to a god of our own making, one that we can follow without a problem, one we can serve without too much sacrifice.  Well Matt Johnson has one thing to tell you, “You got the wrong of Jesus”.  In his new book Getting Jesus Wrong: Giving Up Spiritual Vitamins and Checklist Christianity, published by New Growth Press, Johnson explains how we have taken the Son of God and made him into a farce, one who we have changed to fit our ways, our desires against that which we see in scripture.  Johnson also points out that this must end if we are we are to follow the Jesus Christ of Scripture.

Getting Jesus Wrong explores the most popular and fallacies of who Jesus is, like Jesus the “life coach”, Jesus as a “check list”, Jesus as a “visionary” as well as a few others.  Johnson concludes that we not only misconstrued who Jesus is, making him into a false god, like the golden calf of Israel’s creation.  When we understand who Jesus really is instead of pride and despair we have humility and hope found in a true relationship with the real Jesus of Scripture.

The book was a fantastic read and would be helpful to any Christian trying to throw off the shackles of cultural Christianity and have the relationship with Jesus that is scriptural and not a man-centric culture.

This book was provided to me free of charge from New Growth Press in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

Getting Jesus Wrong: Giving Up Spiritual Vitamins and Checklist Christianity

© 2017 by Matt Johnson

Publisher: New Growth Press

Page Count: 160 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-1942572930


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