Angels: God’s Supernatural Agents by Ed Rocha

41j-4t6yj4l-_sx322_bo1204203200_Angels: God’s Supernatural Agents, Biblical insights and true stories of angelic encounters by Ed Rocha published by Chosen Books Publishers delves into a small, yet interesting study in theology, the study of angels.  Now what most people do not realize is that as a culture we have the wrong idea about angels.  They are not little baby-like creatures who do God’s bidding, they are not our loved ones who have died, nor are they pretty to look at.  The Holy Scripture tells us that angels are creatures created by by God prior to the to the creation of man, who are being who serve God and God alone, while being frightful to look at.  While this is what we find in scripture, there is not much in scripture about the description of angels only their function to serve God.  Yet in Angels: God’s Supernatural Agents,  Rocha uses these facts as a springboard a tell “true” stories which do not have much to do with cannon Holy Scripture in it’s proper context.

Most of the passages that Rocha quotes are woefully misinterpreted or completely out of context, being used as proof texts.  While I freely acknowledge that I am from a different theological approach than Rocha, poor exegesis leading to eisegesis of the Text of scripture make this book make me happy that this book was only 170 pages in length.  Most of this book consists of supposed “angelic encounters” in the lives of Christians, yet while these encounters may have some truth to them, Rocha has fashioned them into a theology concerning angels on non-canonical subjective sources in striking contrast to orthodox Christianity.  There was one bright-spot in this work that that is that the text of the work was east to read, despite the content.  I therefore would not recommend this book.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Chosen Books Publishing in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


Angels: God’s Supernatural Agents, Biblical insights and true stories of angelic encounters

© 2017 by Ed Rocha

Publisher: Chosen Books Publishing

Page Count: 1176 Pages

ISBN: 978-0800798154


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