100+ Little Bible Words (Children’s Book)

61vhsi-brrl-_sy492_bo1204203200_Knowing what words mean and using them properly is sadly a skill which is lacking in most of American culture today.  It has filtered so far down into mainstream culture that some words have fallen into misuse or have disappeared entirely.  This can plainly be seen in our usage and understanding in Biblical words.  Education in this area must start at an early age which is why 100+ Little Bible Words published by B and H Kids is such an important book.

This work takes young children (ages 1-3) on a journey though scripture explaining words which deeply impact a reading and interpretation of scripture.  The child starts in the garden, seeing the original sin by Adam and Eve and culminating in the resurrection of Jesus.  While this book does skip over important accounts in redemptive history, such as the covenant with Abraham and the prophecy of the second coming of Jesus, this board book hits most of the important narratives of scripture, expressing the love of God for His creation despite their sin.

The illustration illuminates this work and captures a child’s imagination in ways words cannot.  Therefore I recommend 100+ Little Bible Words as long as an accurate translation of Holy Scripture is being read to the child alongside this work in an effort to teach and train children in the nature and admonition of the Church.

This book was provided to me free of charge from B and H Kids Publishing in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

100+ Little Bible Words

© 2016 by B and H Editorial Staff

Publisher: B and H Kids Publishing

Page Count: 38 Pages

ISBN: 978-1433649233


Publishers Website: http://bhpublishinggroup.com


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