Confessions of Sin and Assurances of Pardon: A Pocket Resource by Bobby Griffith Jr.

41iqgxr2yol-_sx313_bo1204203200_1Confessions of Sins and Assurances of Pardon are a fantastic part of Biblical worship.  Yet many times pastors only have a few that they use in their liturgy repetitively and even though they rotate them these confessions and assurances can become overused.  So where is a pastor to turn to when they need new ideas yet they do not have the time to carefully craft them?  In comes a trusted Biblical resource by a stalwart conservative pastor.  The resource I am referring to is that of Confessions of Sin and Assurances of Pardon: A Pocket Resource by Bobby Griffith Jr., published by Christian Focus.  This book is part of the growing and extremely useful Pocket Resource series which gives pastors helpful in crafting a weekly liturgy.

One the first noticeable parts of this resource is its brevity.  Yet the conciseness of this work is its best feature.  There is no highly technical, overdrawn out discussion on why this section of worship must be included in a weekly liturgy, rather Griffith assumes that you wouldn’t be picking up this resource unless you already wanted to use it.  This makes  Confessions of Sin and Assurances of Pardon a work that gets quickly to the point, giving some of the confessions of sin on the first few pages.

One possible area of concern is the unbalance amount of confessions of sin to the amount of assurances of pardon.  There are many more of the latter than the former, almost a 2:1 ratio.  While this may be a deal breaker to some, there is still a plethora of each.  If this resource would be used exclusively for months and months then the pastor would have almost a full years worth of aid in this area, which is much longer than most pastors would rotate though their own personally crafted confessions of sin and assurances of pardon.  Needless to say is that the number of each should not be a problem.

When looking at the orthodoxy of each and every confession of sin and assurance of pardon, everyone of them conforms to general orthodoxy, for they are littered with Biblical references and drawn from scripture.  In the end I recommend this resource to any and all pastors and ministers who are looking for aids in crafting a weekly liturgy for corporate worship.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Christian Focus Publishing in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

Confessions of Sin and Assurances of Pardon: A Pocket Resource

© 2016 by Bobby Griffith Jr.

Publisher: Christian Focus

Page Count: 112 Pages

ISBN: 978-1781919101


Publishers Website:


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