A Syntax Guide for Readers of the Greek New Testament by Charles Irons

443828The study of the original language of scripture is a lost art in the study of the Bible.  Yet it is one area that sorely needs correction to understand the depths of the Word of God.  As a minister to children, youth, and families I prepare an average of six gospel messages a week, a process which takes most of my work week.  Yet when I neglect a study of the original languages the gospel messages suffer because there is a noticeable lack of depth missing due to this neglect.

Now granted this process can require many extra hours to the preparation time.  But if I have a lexical aid the process is greatly simplified.  While there many, many lexical aids on the market currently, some try to accomplish too much, some to little, lacking any scope at all.

A Syntax Guide for Readers of the Greek New Testament by Charles Irons and produced by Kregel Publications is the perfect median.    Iron’s work on the Greek New Testament is not a verse by verse exposition, yet this limited scope is the best approach to lexical aids, focusing on the important and problematic words.  Some may see this limiting scope as problematic, yet the limited scope makes this work manageable and useful.   Furthermore this aid is not only useful to the pastor alone, the Greek scholar will also find this tool invaluable.  I wish I had this tool a few years ago when I started to study Greek.

In addition, while I usually do not comment on the binding of a product, this product’s binding is spectacular.  Most lexical aids for the original languages are paperback yet this aid is a durable hardback which will extend the life of this excellent work.  With all of these positive elements in this lexical aid, I highly recommend Irons’ work to all pastors and students of the original languages.  The one caveat is, there are a few places in which I disagree with Irons interpretation of meaning for a number of works, yet his logic is internally consistent and his orthodoxy is sound, making this one of the few works that can be turned to in any circumstance.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Kregel Publications in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


A Syntax Guide for Readers of the Greek New Testament

© 2016 by Charles Irons

Publisher: Kregel Publications

Page Count: 608 Pages

ISBN: 978-0825443824


Publishers Website: http://www.kregel.com/

Book’s Landing Page:  http://www.kregel.com/biblical-studies/a-syntax-guide-for-readers-of-the-greek-new-testament/



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