Glory to God: A Companion, by Carl P. Daw Jr.

41h2bfg3hzcl-_sx348_bo1204203200_Singing is an integral aspect of the worship of our Holy and Almighty God. For He is worthy of worship, and we must declare it with our voices. Yet in many churches corporate singing has gone by the wayside. A church may have a worship leader singing and the congregation silent or even more frightening having the choir sing and no one singing at all. In either case people are not singing and worship, and this is a problem. In some cases it may be the song selection, for some songs are harder than others comma sometimes it is the beach it is the words. The words may be confusing, archaic, or hard to pronounce. If the words are misconstrued or unintelligible to some ears there are a few ways to reconcile this.

This is where God called when a companion comes in. Whether you are a worship leader, director, the conversation this work written by renowned hymnologist, Carl P. Daw Jr., helps explain The Sims in the glory to God hymnal well as the tunes behind it. Weather it is an important story behind the him or an unorthodox word choice or even an offbeat tune, Glory to God: A Companion, published by Westminster John Knox, is the perfect addition to your  worship preparation. It is jam packed with information about the hymns the tunes and the authors themselves, more than you could possibly ask for.

Even if you do not have the Glory to God Hymnal this is a useful tool for anybody laymen, worship leader, or Pastor looking to infuse their knowledge of the hymns they sing on a regular basis. I highly recommend this resource to any who participate or lead in worship.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Westminster John Knox in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.


Glory to God: A Companion

© 2015 by Carl P. Daw Jr.

Publisher: Westminster John Knox

Page Count: 416 Pages

ISBN: 978-0664503123


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