1 &2 Chronicles by Eugene H. Merrill

41d1rpz1nil-_sx331_bo1204203200_If you are looking through and evangelical commentary on the historical books of 1 and 2 Chronicles, A Commentary on 1 &2 Chronicles, by Eugene H. Merrill published by Kregel Academic is what you are searching for.  This commentary is a recent volume in the Kregel Exegetical, a series which is synonymous with superior exegesis and gripping application, this volume continues the long legacy.  This volume is one of the most articulate and practical modern commentaries on two very neglected books.  While Merrill is no stranger to Biblical commentaries this is his first foray into this first-rate commentary series.

1 &2 Chronicles has three main sections the typical general introduction, and followed by a short bibliography, a commentary on the text of 1 and 2 Chronicles.  With regard to the general introduction it is the typical study into the introductory matters 1 and 2 Chronicles.  This is a serious scholarly work which dives into contextual as well as the as the different mythological approaches to study these books, it is useful to scholars are well as pastors.

In reference to the commentary sections on the text, Merrill, takes great care in carefully showing the original context of passage while applying it directly to the modern day reader.  Merrill is a top rate Hebrew scholar and he demonstrates his skill in this commentary.    The only issue with the commentary section is that Merrill does not interact with some of the more modern scholarship on the historical books.  While this may be a deal killer to some, the content is not in any way out of date, and very applicable to the pastor-scholar.

With regard of recommending 1 and 2 Chronicles to others I would whole heartily recommend this commentary to students of scripture, with one caveat.  By this I mean I recommend this work to Pastors, Bible Teachers, Bible College Students, and to a limited extent educated Laymen looking to teach a Sunday school class, there is enough scholarly weight to this work to understand a particular issue in the text while giving aid to pastors in preaching the text.  There are many commentaries about 1 & 2 Chronicles available at this moment but 1 and 2 Chronicles of the Kregel Exegetical Library is a giant step above the rest.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Kregel Academic in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

1 and 2 Chronicles: Kregel Exegetical Library

© 2015 by Eugene H. Merrill

Publisher: Kregel Academic

Page Count: 640 Pages

ISBN: 978-0825425592


Publishers Website: http://www.kregel.com/

Landing Page: http://www.kregel.com/bible-commentaries/a-commentary-on-1-2-chronicles/


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