Luke 12-24 For You by Mike McKinley

51kzwghjlql-_sx311_bo1204203200_The Gospel of Luke is one of the most read parts of Holy Scripture, one of the least understood Gospels. The longest gospel, Luke is so with the teachings of Jesus to digest period if you struggle with digesting dense passages of scripture then Luke 12 – 24 for you. This fantastic devotional is written by studious exegete mike McKinley produced the good book company is one of the newest volumes “For You” devotional series. Each volume in this series and better anxiously await further volumes. With regard to this volume specifically can we has made a well-informed choice to break the gospel of Luke into two volumes. This being the second volume, it mostly covers the final week of Jesus’s Earthly Ministry leading up to his atoning sacrificial death on the cross and his triumphant Resurrection.

This devotional keeps the standard format as with previous works in the series. The Format is explaining the text with specific attention paid to applications in the life of the believer followed by a series of questions stayed inside application. This can be seen in the three basic tenets “read, feed, and lead.” I was very encouraged by the work on the passion narratives and how well McKinley explain the text with careful attention to cultural nuances of the ancient near East without confusing most Christians.

This devotional commentary while best suited for personal devotions can also be a great aid in teaching a Sunday school class or leading a life group study. No matter where you are in your walk with Christ this volume in the for you series is worthy of your time of reading and rereading again and again so you can understand and apply the latter half of Luke’s gospel.

This book was provided to me free of charge from The Good Book Company in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

Luke 12-24 For You

© 2017 by Mike McKinley

Publisher: The Good Book Company

Page Count: 224 Pages

ISBN: 978-1784981129


Publisher’s Website:

Book Landing Page:


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