Student Ministry Essentials by Steve Vandegriff and Richard Brown

51qi9a8mu6l-_sx321_bo1204203200_Student ministry is a hard ministry to serve, it is a ministry which is always changing, always more thing, trends pop off and die off just as quick. Yet one which must remain is the teaching of the Gospel to any and all teenagers. To accomplish this certain key essentials are needed to be in place, so that any ministry to teens remains for the long haul as well as staying a bastion for discipleship in God’s Holy Word.
In my ten years I have heard many lectures on how to run and serve in Ministry to teens, read hundreds of books and discipleship comma yet there are two men who have given me the greatest teachings ministry.  These two men are Steve Vandegriff and Richard Brown.  Both of these men are Professors of Student Ministry at Liberty University and has many decades of student ministry experience. Now I must admit my connection to these men comma as a former student of theirs I saw these Godly men teach with one goal, to equip the Saints to evangelize students in their world.
Student Ministry Essentials is a summary of the lectures on student ministry. Each section is a summary of countless hours of lectures which are bore out of a true desire to see students engage in a relationship with Christ. This book is the gold standard when it comes to the foundations of student ministry, removing temporary sides, and diving headlong into the basics of ministry which can be used at any location to any demographic of students at any period of time. Anyone who reads this book will be blessed. If you are starting out and use ministry this book needs to be one of the first that you read. If you are a veteran like me and I’ve been in student ministry for years this book is a nice refresher and a chance to re-examine your goals and infrastructure so that they conform to the important fundamentals of God honoring biblical student Ministry. No matter who you are this book must be your next purchase it will bless you in more ways than you can count.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Moody Publishing in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

Student Ministry Essentials: Reaching. Leading. Nurturing.

© 2015 by Steve Vandegriff and Richard Brown

Publisher: Moody

Page Count: 256 Pages

ISBN: 978-0802412652


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