The Hurry – Up: Exit from Egypt by Gary Bower

61s1inkdrol-_ss300_Children’s books about the Bible are easy to find. Children’s books moralize the Bible are even easier to find. Thankfully there are some children’s books on holy scripture which present the truthfulness of God’s Word, without trying to remove it from its proper contacts and its focus on the redemptive historical plan of God, that demonstrates to us who God is and what he is done. One of these books “The Hurry – Up: Exit from Egypt” it is written by Gary Bower and illustrated Barbara Chatiner.

“The Hurry – Up” is the latest volume in the “Faith That God Built” series produced by Tyndale Kids. A series which aims at telling old Testament and New Testament accounts by putting them rhyme scheme so that a child can not only understand but be able to articulate Biblical truth. In the this work Bower tackles the old Testament narrative account of Moses leading the nation of Israel out of the land of Egypt the Red Sea while many authors to creative licenses narratives to Children, Bower keeps this to a minimum and uses of repetitive rhyme scheme to illustrate the fear had as well as their need for total reliance on God for their protection. This book is a wonderful should be on the bookshelf of every family that worships the Lord God. I highly recommend it.


This book was provided to me free of charge from Tyndale Kids Publishing in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

The Hurry – Up: Exit from Egypt

© 2017 by Gary Bower

Publisher: Tyndale Kids

Page Count: 32 Pages

ISBN: 978-1496417459


Publisher’s Website:

Book’s Landing Page:


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