This Changes Everything: How The Gospel Transforms The Teen Years by Jaquelle Crowe

51wspvldxil-_sx326_bo1204203200_When I picked up, This Changes Everything: How The Gospel Transforms The Teen Years, I expected it to be a book about youth ministry from the perspective of either a newer or veteran youth worker.  With a subtitle of  “How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years” why would I not. Yet as I came to the introduction I realized that I was dead wrong. This book is a work written by a teenager about teenagers. After this I became skeptical, yet when I finish this book I realized how wrong my thinking had been.
There are so few books written by teenagers, and for good reason, for they do not always know how to communicate in a written way which is helpful. This Changes Everything, however is a notable exception. Every page of this work delves deep into explaining the simple yet life changing act of God’s love. Author Jaquelle Crowe explains in her book how one must find their identity in Christ and all aspects of the Christian life which flow from it.
While many books have been written to adults about this topic comma this book asks the simple yet profound question “What does it look like for teenagers to live a life transformed by the gospel?”  The shorter answer is it effects every single aspect of their lives. Crowe does a fantastic job of explaining this in intricate detail in a manner that teenagers will not only understand but resonate with comma calling each and every one of them to stand fast on the word of God so that they may glorify him in every aspect of their lives from their identity to their relationships in the church to their relationships with others outside the church. The gospel impacts every part, if it does not then you have not been transformed by the Gospels redeeming power. This book is not only recommended to be read by every teenager but by every youth worker to demonstrate to them the impact they must have on the life of a teenager under their care.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Crossway Publishing in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

This Changes Everything: How The Gospel Transforms The Teen Years

© 2017 by by Jaquelle Crowe

Publisher: Crossway

Page Count: 160 Pages

ISBN: 978-1433555145


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