God Loves Mommy and Me by Bonnie Rickner Jensen

51rcn9mfzql-_sx258_bo1204203200_God Loves Mommy and Me, written by Bonnie Rickner Jensen, illustrated by Laura Watkins, and published by Tommy Nelson, is a cute board book written for babies and toddlers. It is all about the things God has designed for a young child and their mother to enjoy as they spend time together. It talks about small manners as well, like saying please and thank you and apologizing when one has done wrong, and how the other person can forgive. This book has allowed us to introduce simple concepts to our toddler in a way that she understands.

Each of the pages in this book features a mommy and baby animal. The art is simple and cute, suited for the small children the book is intended for. It enriched my daughters reading and seeing experience so that she is not only able to hear the book but to understand it in such a way that it will directly impact her life. My daughter, who is two, likes to name each animal and talk about what that animal says.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone with an infant or toddler.

This book was provided to me by Tommy Nelson via – in exchange for my honest review.


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