Bake thorough the Bible by Susie Bentley-Taylor & Bekah Moore

51pasxxo86l-_sx395_bo1204203200_A child learns in radically different ways than a adult, and many times parents, guardians, and educators forget this important component when it comes to teaching a child.  This is why many homes, schools, and churches have started to include tactile learning in addition to rote memorization of important facts and truths.  Also known as “learning by playing”, tactile learning is something that is not new but is slowly becoming mainstream, thankfully.  This had lead to parents, pastors and Sunday school teachers to teach the Bible though the tactile method of learning.  One of the greatest examples of this form of learning is with the book, Bake through the BibleBake thorough the Bible, is written by Susie Bentley-Taylor & Bekah Moore, published by the Good Book Company, and is part of their, Beginning with God,  series for young children.

As a minister of the Gospel to children, youth, and families, I recommend this book to parents of young children, especially preschool and elementary age children.  The Bible lessons are doctrinally sound and each lesson uses the object of food to illustrate an important component of God’s redemptive plan of salvation.  Furthermore you do not need to be highly educated in scripture (or that great at baking, I am speaking for myself) to teach your children with this book.  It enables a parent to come along side their child to teach them the basics of their faith to their young child in a manner that they can not only understand but apply to their lives.  Each of these  20 lessons are fun and easy to complete, I highly recommend this book to any and all parents who are looking for a new avenue of learning for their your child, you will not be disappointed.


This book was provided to me free of charge from The Good Book Company in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

Bake through the Bible

© 2013 by Susie Bentley-Taylor & Bekah Moore

Publisher: The Good Book Company

Page Count: 64 Pages

ISBN: 9781909559004


Publishers Website:

Book’s Landing Page:


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