Historical Reliability of the New Testament by Craig L. Bloomberg

51cevgkdppl-_sx347_bo1204203200_We live in a time and in an age where the holy scriptures are always being challenged. Usually this challenge comes from interpretation over certain teachings about God’s commands. Yet when challenged from academia these attacks stab at the Historical reliability of scripture. These attacks are nothing new and have been going on for many generations. It is it is therefore necessary to have a orthodox Christian treatment answering these arguments against the historical reliability of the Bible.
One of the greatest treatments on this subject has been produced by noted Theologian and Scholar Craig L. Bloomberg who is the distinguished professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary. Bloomberg has written a series of works aimed at their historical reliability of certain sections of the Bible. One of the best treatments he is ever produced was the historical reliability of the Gospels. Yet this field of study necessitates constant updates to reflect current scholarship. Bloomberg has done just that in his new book the Historical Reliability of the New Testament: Countering the Challenges to Evangelical Christian Beliefs produced by B&H Academic.  This work is a landmark book which should be on the Shelf of every Pastor, Theologian, Bible student, student of scripture.
While this book can lead towards a high academic understanding thought what is not written at a popular level most Christians can glean very valuable and worthwhile apologetica insights to apply to their daily lives. In this book Bloomberg takes each section of the New Testament and divides it into various sections. Yet after focusing on each individual book of the New Testament he also focuses on the canonicity and transmission of the New Testament comma which are extremely important in this day and age which the original sources are always being challenged. His final section of the book deals with the problem of Miracles as seen in the gospels and throughout the Epistles. He remarks of the nest City to see these Miracles as reality despite those challenging unverifiable Supernatural occurrences. While Bloomberg is more of an open and cautious Theologian when it comes to Modern miracles compared to my view of complete cessation his argument provokes interesting points to consider.
Therefore I highly recommend the historical reliability of the New Testament countering the challenges to evangelical Christian beliefs by Craig L Bloomberg to any and all pastors and Scholars Bible students and Bible teachers who desire to deepen their understanding of scripture and be able to counter any argument when they are challenged bye those who seek to defame the name of God.

This book was provided to me free of charge from B & H Academic Publishing in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

Historical Reliability of the New Testament: Countering the Challenges to Evangelical Christian Beliefs

© 2016 by by Craig L. Bloomberg

Publisher: B & H Academic Publishing

Page Count: 816 Pages

ISBN: 978-0805464375


Publishers Website: http://bhacademic.com


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