The Beginner’s Bible: For Little Ones

51f1wyzyvml-_sx357_bo1204203200_The Beginner’s Bible: For Little Ones, was an interesting project brought about as a young readers version of, The Beginner’s Bible. The Beginner’s Bible is an award-winning children’s Bible, that I highly recommend. But unfortunately this new version, “for little ones”, is the opposite of its award-winning parent. It is the opposite for important reason, its lack of sin.
By lack of sin, I mean that the concept sin, meaning the breaking of God’s law, is never mentioned once in this “Bible”.  The Beginner’s Bible: For Little Ones, starts out with the creation narrative, but ends before Adam and Eve fall into sin. When you remove the fall, you remove Original Sin. If there is no sin, there is no need for God to send his one and only son Jesus. It is a snowball effect. It is almost if the authors of this work thought that sin would either be too hard of a concept for children to grasp or that they did not want to burden a child with the idea of sin and its punishment. This is an egregious error in their thinking.
While this is not the only issue I have with this work, it is the most important of all errors. I recommend that everyone avoid this book period it is one good quality, the artwork which is beautiful. It attracts a child’s eye, but it nowhere redeems the heinous act of removing the concept of Sin from the Bible, rather it sanitize the book making it no more than a story. A story about people rather than the account of God’s love for his creation and his work in sending his one and only son Jesus to redeem his people from their sin and its everlasting punishment.

This book was provided to me free of charge from ZondervanKidz Publishing in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament: Luke

© 2017

Publisher: ZondervanKidz Publishing

Page Count: 32 Pages

ISBN: 978-0310755364


Publishers Website:


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