One by One: Welcoming the Singles in your Church by Gina Dalfonzo

41kdq3n-i8l-_sx322_bo1204203200_The fastest growing demographic in the church today might not be what you think.  For the fastest growing demographic is single adults.  Now by single adults I do not just mean people who are recently graduates of high school or college or those who went straight into the workforce.  I am referring to adults 30 and older who are single.  This demographic is not only growing in our churches but in our country as a whole.  Due to this monumental shift in delaying marriage and children, how a church ministers to this new demographic must shift as well.  Yet as pastors we often fail in ministering to this new demographic for it is a demographic we did not encounter in large numbers before.

In Gina Dalfonzo’s new book, One by One: Welcoming the Singles in your Church, she examines how the American church has failed in its challenge to minster to this growing group of people.  She examines personal stories as well as methods of inclusion and ministry.  The greatest part is that she does not fully advocate setting these singles aside to form a new ministry but rather to include them in the church body as a whole.  This book is a thought provoking work which appeals to the minster as well as any ministry leader who minster’s to adults.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Baker Books in exchange for an unbiased, honest review.

One by One: Welcoming the Singles in your Church

© 2017 by Gina Dalfonzo

Publisher: Baker Books

Page Count: 240 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-0801072932


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